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Tips from an Alsacienne

Our first and most important tip for visiting Riquewihr, relax and enjoy the experience of the surrounding village and ambiance. The village hasn't changed since the 16th century and the beauty is both incredibly original and astonishing. Walk down the cobblestoned streets and imagine what life might have been like for the people who built it and lived there for centuries. 


Originally, Riquewihr was the property of the Dukes of Württemberg and historically, Riquewihr served as a Winzerdorf or "wine village" as a trading hub for Alsatian and German wine. The most well known wine being Riesling.

Perhaps this region will be nice for you for historical discovery or simply enjoying the current atmosphere at your leisure. Either way, you can find something that Riquewihr has to offer below.

Vineyard 3

Wine from Riquewihr

As stated at the top of the page, Riquewihr is a wine village. Come taste the local wines with the wine makers themselves, Les Coeur de Vigne is in the center of the village, surrounded by the grapes the locals  produce for the wine.


Wine Tasting and

The Wine Road

Enjoy the wine road. If you enjoy wine, Riquewihr and Les Coeur de Vigne is the place that you want to be to get the best location and experience possible in this region.


Cheese Experience

What goes better with wine than some cheese? Just a one minute walk from Les Coeur de Vigne, there is a cheese cave for tasting all the local cheeses and some who aren't local. Find your limits with very authentic cheese. Click below to find some links and photographs.   



Whether you're interested in local cuisine or new gastronomy experiences. Riquewihr has it. Click below to find some really amazing restaurants in the area. Happily tested for you, so you know the quality.


Walking or Bicycle Paths

The surrounding area of Riquewihr is absolutely ideal for walking or riding your bike. Although it's best to do this before eating or drinking wine in the village! Trust me. The surrounding vineyards and villages within walking distance are wonderful, and the views of the valley below and the mountains (Voges) above are clearly an inspiration to many past and present artists and artisans. 


Christmas Market

Have you ever experienced a French Christmas market? Its time to try it out. Have a cup of hot wine and walk around the village to enjoy the artisans of the region.



If you're not already impressed with the history inside every building in Riquewihr. You're still in luck. Riquewihr has a museum. Click below for some more info.

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